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In this digital age, we owe it to our kids to learn the skill of documenting their childhood in a meaningful and quality way... Children grow and change so quickly, don't miss capturing any more of their lives just because you don't know how to use your camera!

The thing that I loved most about Bootcamp was the simple explanations for technical terms and the opportunity to practice skills in the highly relevant homework activities. The activities really helped me to understand the basics of portrait photography. I love how I am now getting comments about my photos - it makes me feel like I have achieved something special that others value and appreciate. Thanks for making these photography skills attainable for average home-mums without spending a fortune or having to leave the house!

Tasmania, Australia

are you documenting your child's precious moments in the best possible way you can?

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  • do you own a digital SLR camera and have never taken it off the auto setting?
  • maybe you're frustrated that you keep missing what could be amazing shots of your kids when you do try to use manual?
  • have you bought the camera because you dreamed of taking gorgeous images of your kids like you have seen online, but everything you've looked at seems too technical, too general or too theoretical?

do you just want to learn how to take fantastic portraits of your children with your DSLR camera, explained to you in a non-techy way?

Frustrated or Intimidated by Your Digital SLR Camera?

imagine: you could master the manual settings and TRANSFORM your family photos in just 21 Days!

A dear friend of mine recommended the course, and she had some great photos to share as evidence of what she had learned. Initially I joined because I really just wanted to be able to take some great photos of my kids before they grew up. Now though, I realize how important this course has been simply because I have done it for me - I haven't done anything just for me since before my daughter was born!

New York, United States

blockquote greyI was very much a beginner when I started Bootcamp -  I used the Auto function only and was always frustrated that I would 'see' a shot, but not quite be able to compose it.  I have two beautiful little girls aged 6 and 2 and have desperately tried to capture the 'little moments' of life, with very little success.  The fact that this course allows a member to access the lessons for life and that there were other "Bootcampers" to learn with (and from) seemed like the best option for me. Plus, my friend was taking AMAZING shots at the end of her first week and could not stop raving about it. I joined Bootcamp because I was tired of taking substandard, uninspiring and lifeless photographs of my two gorgeous little girls. No more excuses! The videos and systematic lessons helped logically guide me through the steps to take control of my camera and breathe life, emotion and spirit back into my photographs. I took my favourite shot (so far) of my youngest daughter that first week of Bootcamp! Thanks again Clare!

Colleen, Crows Nest, Australia

all you need is the

Kids Through a Lens Beginner Bootcamp

this is what you will learn

  • the back of your camera, the exact settings for portraits and the only four functions you really need to know to finally master the manual settings when taking photos of your kids

  • how to create that magical soft background blur in every image you capture of your child¬†from now on

  • my tips and tricks for posing children together (the hardest thing to do!),¬†plus how to get natural smiles every time.

  • how to capture movement in even the fastest of little ones (no more blurry pics!)

  • how to¬†compose and frame your photos to take them from ‘meh‘ to ‘wowsers!’

  • my secret tips for finding the beautiful light indoors and out! (sparkly eyes! the essential ingredient to every child portrait!) – knowing how to use the light will TRANSFORM¬†even your iPhone pics!


Clare presents the information in a non-technical everyday way that you didn‚Äôt need to be a photographer to understand and grasp the elements that she teaches. Clare explains the use and benefits of light and the best way to harness this to get the ‚Äúsparkle‚ÄĚ in people‚Äôs eyes. She shows that you can get fantastic photos without having to do lots of editing. I learned more from Clare’s workshop than a previous $1,000 photography course I completed!

Tammie Goulburn, Australia

In just 15 minutes per day, you will transform your photos. I've broken it down into 10 Lessons, so you can learn at your own pace, in your own time.

I understand - you're a mum, you're busy, you don't have much time. I have broken this course down into 10 Lessons with 21 bite sized tasks.

So if you want to learn daily, you can, or if you want to do a couple of lessons every couple of days, you can.

After you purchase, you will be get immediate access to the entire course. But you will also be emailed the 10 Lessons over 21 days to remind you to login and keep up your momentum. So within three weeks, you will have a solid understanding of your camera and how to start practicing getting fabulous photos of your kids over the school holidays!

But best of all? You get lifetime access to the course, so you can keep going back again and again to revisist anything you didn't get a chance to complete or just to refresh your knowledge!

AND as a BONUS you get access to our exclusive Facebook group where you can post your images and get feedback and help from your peers, well after the course has finished!


(but don't just take it from me, hear what other Bootcampers are saying!)

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blockquote grey

This course is a steal! The content is so thorough, yet delivered in manageable bite sized chunks, which is perfect for me as a busy mum of two! I'm so glad I signed up, van der veenI'm having a ball, am learning so much - my friends can't believe I have taken the photos that I've been showing and this is only after the first seven days! I can't believe that 15 mins a day could make such a difference!  Clare is a guru! I highly recommend this Bootcamp for anyone who is wanting to learn how to use their camera on manual to get great shots of their kids.

Catherine, Coogee, Australia

Work At Your Own Pace. Learn in Your Own Time.

A Complete Step-By-Step Guide!

Downloadable Worksheets, Checklists, Video, Audio & Transcripts!

I needed to bite the bullet and get more of a grapple on my camera if I wanted to stop being so frustrated by my inconsistent photos. My husband bought me the course as a gift for Christmas, best present ever!

Shellharbour, Australia

This course was an early birthday present from my husband and my girls- I could not think of a better present!  My husband has been overseas and I know he has been loving the 'shots' I have been forwarding to him!

Sydney, Australia

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  • Transform your child photography, with natural smiles, tack-sharp images and beautiful light every time
  • Gain confidence and feel in control so that photographing kids is fun and stress-free

Clare is the perfect teacher - knowledgeable, friendly, incredibly patient with a great sense of humour. I would highly recommend her workshops to anyone looking to learn how to use their camera on manual once and for all.

Belinda, Sydney, Australia

Clare is full of great practical tips for improving photography that I hadn't heard before. She is so patient in explaining photography concepts and takes the time to answer all my questions. Because of this workshop I am now exploring new ways of using my camera. Thanks Clare for sharing your story and knowledge!

Lara, Canberra, Australia

In Just 21 Days, You Could Transform Your Photos!

I would love to see you in the bootcamp!

"I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge - not only is it fun and satisfying and extremely important to be documenting (in a QUALITY way) the childhoods of our kids, but I have put together my knowledge into the type of course I would have loved when I was starting out, to save you the time and frustrations I felt trying to find a course that would JUST teach me how to use my camera to photograph my gorgeous godchildren and nephews!clare1

A fun, non-technical course with lots of practical exercises and learning all focussed on photographing children. Using plain, simple language and focusing on sparkly eyes, natural smiles and putting it all together using the manual settings on your camera. Delivered in manageable pieces and via video and downloadable media so you can see and listen while you practice. With feedback and ongoing learning well after the course is finished.

I can't wait for you to get started!"



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Before Bootcamp, I had a camera for 5 years but had never used it on manual. I'm now able to get tack sharp eyes (my biggest problem before ) and I constantly get asked who took the photos of my kids and when I say it was me, everyone responds with "wow, they look amazing!" (I never got comments like that before the course!). Definitely worth the money! I've learnt so much in a short period of time, thanks Clare

Amy, South Australia

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some common questions

  • q-iconWhat if I don't have kids?

    That’s ok! This course covers how to photograph people and then delves into some of basic tips and tricks to getting great portraits of kids. The technical side of the camera, understanding lighting, framing, composition, even some of the posing tips are relevant to adults so if you want to learn how to use your camera on manual to take portraits of people in general, then this is for you too!

  • q-iconHow is the course work delivered?

    When you purchase, you’ll receive an email to go and register for access to the membership site where all the lessons are housed. Each day you receive an email to prompt you to do each day’s work. Inside the membership site, lessons are a combination of video, downloadable pdfs and worksheets. Each task builds on the previous task and understanding.

  • q-icondo I have to have a digital SLR camera?

    While we do teach all about lighting, composition, posing, directing and anticpating the shot (which have nothing to do with the camera at all), we do recommend that you will get the most out of the course if you have a digital SLR camera. This course is for anyone who is passionate about taking photos of children using their digital SLR camera on manual setting. You do have lifetime access, so if you are purchasing a digital camera in the near future, you may be able to go back and revisit the lessons if you don’t have the camera for the live part of the course.

  • q-iconDo you have any recommendations for camera or lenses?

    Why yes I do! Inside the Bootcamp on the welcome page I have an Equipment Guide which you get access to as soon as you purchase and login to register. But I have also created two different trainings – 6 Things to Consider Before You Purchase Your Digital SLR Camera and What’s in My Bag and the Only $100 You Need to Spend to Get Fabulous Portraits of Kids. Both of these are videos with downloadable PDFs so I suggest you head on over and check those out too!

  • q-iconNow is not a great time for me, can I enrol another time?

    Ask yourself: when is ever a good time, really? But to answer you, yes you can enrol anytime. However, the current pricing, incentives and bonuses offered right now is subject to change at any time and pricing is definitely increasing on 1st July. Once you have purchased the course, you have lifetime access to it so if you fall behind or life gets busy you can come back to it at any time. Imagine the moments you will be able to capture in just 21 days if you commit to this today! Past students have said their images transformed in as little as 7 days of doing the course!

  • q-iconWhat if I am not very technical?

    I get bored of the technical speak and I don’t think when you are learning that you need to understand a lot of the technical jargon. I teach you what you need to know to get beautiful photos of your kids, so if that sounds like something that appeals to you then it sounds like we are a good fit and Bootcamp is perfect for you! Knowing how to shoot on manual is not the difficult part – understanding light, composition, how to get children to do what you want, posing, directing and getting natural smiles is what makes it all come together! That’s what I teach – I want you to get the confidence to nail shots not get bogged down and confused with technical details. Once you have got the foundations right, you can explore the more technical side if that is something you are interested in.

blockquote grey

How can you put a price on seeing your children at their very best, having their personalities jump out of every image?Lawrence September 2014-0135

Clare has energy and magnetism that brings out the best in anyone she puts in front of the camera and her vibrant personality works a treat with the kids. She has captured our children perfectly, playful and happy. Our images are just lovely and having them means I will forever be able to remember this precious time in our family's life.

Natalie, Wollongong, Australia

Who Is This NOT For?

  • Anyone who is not willing to put in the work - I want to help you get results and you won't do that if you don't commit to the exercises, share your results in the Facebook group and practice, practice, practice!
  • Anyone wanting to learn about flash photography - I am a natural light photographer, so I don't use or teach flash.
  • Anyone who is already advanced with using their camera for portraits, you might be more suited to Perfecting Portraits which you can also enrol in anytime
  • Anyone who wants to learn anything other than child or people related photography. As much as I love shooting landscapes or nature, they are not specifically covered in this course.

my satisfaction guarantee

if after the first week of this course, you have submitted an image for review as well as your completed worksheets for the first 7 days lessons and you still feel that the course is not for you, then I am more than happy to offer you a refund on the course. I want you to learn how to finally take great photos of your kids and if you do the work, I truly believe you will love this course!

Don't Let One More Day Go By Taking Uninspiring Photos of Your Kids

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