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Work at Your Own Pace or the Next Group Course Commences 12th April 2016.

In this brand new program, I'll teach you my secret techniques for frame-worthy portraits. Every time.

  • Incorporate Landscape and Light to Create Stunning Artwork for Your Walls
  • Ensure Every Shoot is a Success Even When Dealing With Less than Cooperative Subjects
  • Create Stylish Portraits in Every Day Homes
  • Understand the Secrets and Techniques to Emotive Newborn and Baby Photography

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Clare has really helped me take my photography to the next level by building my confidence and further developing my existing skills. Her posing guides in Perfecting Portraits are amazing and really give you a great base for creating your own vision. The behind the scene setups were so helpful, especially for starting out in newborn photography.

Since Perfecting Portraits I've been portfolio building and setting up my own photography business which I will launch with confidence in the next few months. None of which would have been possible without Clare.

Bootcamp and Perfecting Portraits are still hands down my absolute favourite thing that I have done for myself post kids.

Ally, Goulburn, Australia

blockquote greyAs a fellow photographer, I'm in awe of what Clare consistently produces. When it came time to choosing who to capture our newborn baby there was no one I could think of who could do a better job. Clare gave us the confidence to be ourselves and worked to our baby's pace. We left with the biggest smiles on our faces and couldn't wait to see what magic would come. Clare really is amazing, I'm honoured and proud to know her and see the work she has done, the business she has developed, she is an inspiration!

Stephen, Miranda, Australia

The behind the scenes set ups and secret techniques in this course will give you the confidence and the know-how to take your photography to a professional level.

Changing your life starts with just one step….

  • Transform Your Child Photography, with Creative Posing, Natural Smiles, and Beautiful Light Every Time
  • Gain Confidence and Feel in Control So That Photographing Kids is Fun and Stress-Free
  • Learn Step by Step How to Take Perfect Child Portraits From Start to Finish
  • Be Inspired and Encouraged As You Up Your Photography to a Professional Level - And Make Money (or More Money) From Your Skills!

blockquote greyLearning more specific posing tricks and behind the scenes 'reality' was what I took away from Perfecting Portraits. I loved the group feedback and support! Perfecting Portraits focuses more on posing techniques, ideas & important background information you need when photographing beyond your own children. I loved Perfecting Portraits - it gave me the confidence, determination and motivation I needed to use my talents and make some money! 

Clare, thank you for all the wonderful guidance you have given though Beginner Bootcamp and now Perfecting Portraits.  It's early days, but your beautiful photography, talented teaching ability and gorgeous smile have been an inspiration for me to "just do it!" 

Helen, Melbourne, Australia

The Posing Guide PDFs detail EXACTLY how I take each photo. They are worth the cost of the course alone!

enrol now and this is what you will learn

  • 1

    Create Beautiful Artwork for your Walls

    The most powerful images are those that tell a story. Understand how to use light, your environment, posing and creativity to create stunning artwork for your walls. Be inspired to go above and beyond the classic portrait to create powerful photographs that give the ultimate wow factor.

  • 2

    Systems, Editing and Workflow

    Start by being systematic. I share my workflow systems for getting organised, backing up, optimising for print and web. Discover my simple editing techniques that lift your photographs to a professional level.

  • 3

    Be Prepared for Any Outdoor Shooting Scenario

    Feel confident and in control and adapt to anything that comes your way! We look at case studies for typical outdoor locations including Park, Beach, Farm and Urban settings. We knuckle down specific poses to control your subjects and ensure you are armed and prepared to get the essential kids shots whatever the location may be.

  • 4

    Shoot Stylish Images in Everyday Homes

    For people with smaller children and when weather is unpredictable, shooting at home is often easier. However every home is different, with different lighting challenges. We go room by room in real homes, pose by pose, with exact settings, behind the scene set ups and posing ideas to create images that look they like belong in the pages of a glossy magazine.

  • 5

    Pose Multiple Children Anywhere Anytime

    Posing more than one child can be difficult. Get an arsenal of ideas and learn how to adapt and stay in control when shooting multiple kids at once. We go through specific poses for 2, 3, and 4 children, ranging in ages with exact settings and downloadable posing guides for easy reference.

  • 6

    Discover the Secrets to Emotive Newborn Photography

    Shooting newborns is more complex than it looks. Discover the different approach required compared with rowdy sessions with older children. In this module we go behind the scenes with video footage and photos from actual newborn sessions and the resulting images to discover my exact techniques for creating stunning newborn photographs. Continue the journey of growth for your baby's first year with a downloadable posing guide for babies up to 12 months old.

  • 7


    Want a Repeatable Process to Use Every Time You Shoot? Want to Incorporate Adults and Families Into Your Sessions? We go behind the scenes of complete family photoshoots (yes, complete with NEW posing family posing guides!) so that you are inspired and armed with knowledge for how to ensure a successful FAMILY photoshoot every time.

  • Complete Step-By-Step Guides!

  • Downloadable Worksheets, Checklists, Posing Guides, Video, Audio & Transcripts

  • Awesome Community Support & Feedback!

blockquote greyI've had my own photography business for around 12 months and when I decided to expand from doing real estate and commercial work, to doing kids and families, I was looking for a course that would open my eyes to how to best pose kids and families, how to make the best use of light and location, and also some editing tips.

Before I worked with Clare in Perfecting Portraits, I had a really good handle on how to use my camera, what setting to use, but I was never really happy with the shots of kids I was getting.  When I heard about Perfecting Portraits, I jumped at the chance to work with a professional photographer who produces some beautiful work in a style similar to what I want to achieve.

Since completing the course, my images have improved enormously and I am really happy with the work I am doing now. Thanks Clare, I highly recommend Perfecting Portraits for anyone who wants to improve their child photography!

Kim, Moss Vale, Australia

blockquote greyI feel like Perfecting Portraits has really challenged me to think creatively and to look at different perspectives when taking pictures. Before Clare's course my photos were not dynamic, they were not interesting to look at all! Now, not only are they crystal clear, tack sharp, with sparkly eyes and beautiful light, but they are also interesting to look at with the composition as well.

I was really surprised that the Facebook group that Clare has put together was something I would find so useful! I've been able to meet women from all over the world through this group, and have been so encouraged and so uplifted from the guidance and tips and just so inspired by these women and their beautiful children and photography. I feel like the Facebook group was such a big bonus that when I signed up, I didn't even think was necessary!

I feel like completing Perfecting Portraits has been priceless.  I think my pictures really are gorgeous now, I have this skill for the rest of my life and I am so excited I will be able to treasure these photos forever and my kids will have these memories. I am just so thankful.

Michelle, Boston, USA

blockquote greyI signed up to Perfecting Portraits mainly because I wanted to know more. I wanted to know more about posing newborns and also creating artwork.  Plus I felt I didn't want a break in my learning and wanted to keep the momentum going. Continuing on with Perfecting Portraits is totally worth it!

Amy, Adelaide, Australia

blockquote greyBootcamp made me good but Perfecting Portraits took me to the next level, and made it more instinctive rather than having to think hard every time I took a photo. I felt stretched in Perfecting Portraits, the standard was higher and the group dynamic kept raising the bar for each module! It's easier to take at your own pace because the modules are weekly.

Some of the images I've taken are now big canvases on friends' walls or photo books for them. I would never have thought that possible!

Catherine, Sydney, Australia

blockquote greyI loved Bootcamp so much (the experience, the learning, the group support, the push to keep practicing) that I wanted to keep going and keep learning. I was really excited to learn more about editing and also the creating art/incorporating landscape aspect of it. Cost is always a concern but Bootcamp meant so much to me, and I do so little for myself these days, that I knew I wanted to take the next level. I love Clare's style of teaching with video and workbook format and the interactive aspect of the group. It was great to have the incentive to keep practicing, and to get a feel for the differences and subsequently the different needs each type of location requires.

Karyn, Boston, USA

blockquote greyI really loved PP - there were some great technical points that were covered - especially the parts about composition for art work (who doesn't want to put fabulous large prints of their family up on the wall!) Even though the photography style I use is more documentary than portrait, I found the course really useful and would do it again. I've found the lessons on specifically on lighting and composition still apply, just tweaked slightly so that you get a real fly on the wall perspective.

Amanda, Sydney, Australia


I would love to see you inside Perfecting Portraits!

"I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge - not only is it fun and satisfying and extremely important to be documenting (in a QUALITY way) the childhoods of our kids, but I have found a way to provide a lifestyle clare1for myself that I was only dreaming of a few short years ago. There are so many people out there with a passion for photography and the desire to escape the rat race, I really want to help them, starting with growing their confidence and their photographic technical abilities so they are shooting quality images every time.

The first step to this is nailing down how to add value to each of your shoots, and get professional quality, beautiful images that you and your clients love. I hope to help you take your first step towards changing your life!"


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